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Events & Activities 2016

West Kirby Farmers' Market
Saturday 25th June, 9am to 1pm
St Andrew's Church Hall, Graham Road CH48 5DE
Come and browse a great variety of cheeses, meat, fruit, veg and a lot more, direct from local producers, including fisherman Billy, who brings his catch - fished on Friday for your plate on Saturday.
Take a look at the full list of producers on the market website

Homegrown Bananas
Wednesday, 29th June, 6:30pm
Homegrown Bananas at Sweetpea Cafe, Acacia Grove
The June edition of Homegrown Bananas will take place at Sweetpea cafe, Acacia Grove from 18:30 on the 29th June. Bring along a song, poem, story or family friendly performance and a friend to join in! Non performers welcome to just observe and enjoy. Entry 3 donation.

Friday 8th July
An Evening of Open Discussion
With Transition Town West Kirby's Energy & Climate Change Group
Featuring a short film reminding us of the problem, the journey so far, and the plans for future talks and discussions.
At West Kirby Arts Centre

Sunday, 10th July, 10am 4pm
Storytelling workshop
15 (includes entry to Tuesday, 19th event).
This day is a workshop run by Andy Johnson.
He will take you through the key stages of developing a story; showing you how to find the bones' of a story and how to add your own flesh' to those bones. A must for anyone interested in developing their skills as a storyteller.

Saturday, 16th July: 12 - 4pm
Homegrown Bananas in the Gardens as part of Festival of Firsts

Hoylake Parade Gardens
A semi-open stage session with some favourite artists and a chance to share your song, poem, story or other performance.

Tuesday 19th July, 7pm
Story Fest with Christine McMahon
An evening of storytelling by Christine McMahon, plus support:
"Christine McMahon is a vibrant storyteller with an international reputation. She has a love of traditional folktales, particularly those with a link to her Northern roots. Born in Lancashire, living in Yorkshire, her ready wit and warm manner, mixed with a dollop of Northern grit make her a unique performer who tells tales close to home even when she is far away!"
Tickets 5 -, 625 4109

Both events at Wirral Arts Centre, Brookfield Gardens, West Kirby.
Please note there is no parking on Brookfield Gardens or Brookfield Road as this is a residential area. There is parking available at the Concourse car park. People with limited mobility can be dropped off at the Arts Centre before parking elsewhere. Thank you.

Friday, 22nd July, 7pm, 8
Love Where You Live, Festival of Firsts

Hoylake Chapel
Although not a Transition event, this event has performers and performances close to our hearts. Adapted from a performance originally commissioned for Wirral Earth Fest 2015, this event will feature new compositions from Operation Lightfoot and The Kirk Owls. Story Fest co-founder, Andy Johnson, will make a guest appearance with The Kirk Owls and Operation Lightfoot will collaborate with The Chester Poets on a new composition. This event will be a must see!
P.S. The community banner, "Love Where You Live", painted at last year's Earth Fest will be having an outing at this event!

Incredible Edible Group

Community Orchard maintenance sessions take place on the second Saturday of every month from 3-4 p.m. and the fourth Friday of the month at 10-11 a.m., in conjunction with the Friends of Grange Park, meeting at the main cemetery entrance on Black Horse Hill - look out for our high-visibility jackets. The next maintenance day is Friday, 24th June. For more on Grange Park maintenance, contact 625 9974

If you would like to volunteer for Incredible Edibles, do ring 07724 175779 for more information.

West Kirby Messenger

The summer issue of the WK Messenger is out - the first since we received funding to keep the front cover advert free for one year.

This time the photo features some of Kat Croker's creatures made from recycled materials.

The next one (due end of August) will showcase Wirral Earth Fest, so if you have photos from last year's Earth Fest which you think suitable for the WKM front cover, please send them to
We are always looking for people eager to get some exercise and help with the distribution, so if you are keen to distribute in your area or be a holiday cover, please get in touch! Phone 625 9974 or email us via

Also if you want to use the WKM to advertise your skills or business, please let us know - we need some adverts to finance the printing costs.

Pictures from Wirral Climate Change Walk 29th November
Climate Change Walk
Climate Change Walk

June 2016 News

This week brings us the longest day, the Summer Solstice. We wish you a happy one and hope that you get to mark and celebrate the turning of the seasons as it suits you best.

The bulk of this month's round up is turned over to a report by Gareth Padfield of the latest Energy Group talk. Before that a note of a couple of events that TTWK members were involved in recently.


On Wednesday, 8th June Transition Liverpool hosted an event to bring people from North West Transition groups, and likeminded people, together for an evening.
This was a follow-up to an event in Wigan earlier this year that Nick Drew reported on for us. Nick facilitated the recent evening where we were invited to give a brief overview of the work that each of our groups is doing and then to decide on three things that our groups could improve on. Both of these with the aim of building connections and sharing learning between the groups there. There were Transition groups from as far afield as Lancaster, Chester and Frodsham. Many of the themes of activities we do were shared, with a common interest in local food. The TTWK representatives made a particular connection with a group, REAL, from Preston, which is involved in a number of renewable energy projects. In turn, they were drawn to the celebratory activities that we do. We hope for future meetings to continue the connections made that night.
Merseyrail and Read Now Write Now have set up a book exchange in Hoylake Station (Liverpool waiting room). TTWK is a silent partner as Marko and Tony made the bookshelves. A big thank you to them. The book exchange was launched on Friday, 10th June. See more here:

The Battle to Save Life on Earth; a view from the front line
Michael J Evans, CEO Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd
Friday 3rd June at the West Kirby Arts Centre

"Michael gave a thought provoking and stimulating talk on Climate Change, how we have got ourselves into such a dire situation and constructive ways to manage our way out of it. He talked about the coming together of the "unholy trinity" climate, capitalism and population setting the scene for our future on Earth.

"He presented his thesis that we need to work with the human drive that has created the anthropogenic problem enabling human creativity and businesses to thrive, protecting constructive vested interests and reducing the harm caused by our addiction to fossil fuels long enough for practical changes to take effect. One of those changes involves finding solutions to carbon capture and Michael took us through a process that his company is developing. This involves carbon dioxide mineralisation (the production of solid carbonates) using magnesium-silicate rocks like Serpentine. While carbon capture is at the centre of this process, useful energy and material by-products would help the economic viability.

"Michael summarized his background in manufacturing and industrial design, and talked about his recent involvements with government initiatives, particularly business delegations to Brazil and Mexico. He now describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, and demonstrated his credentials and commitment to a positive course of action, with an appealing persuasion.

"Questions were taken during and after the talk, provoking interesting discussion, and I am sure Michael will have been encouraged by the hearty round of applause he received at closing time."

Gareth Padfield

Who are we?

...a group of concerned local people working towards a sustainable low-carbon lifestyle, based in West Kirby, Hoylake, and elsewhere on the Wirral.

We are one of dozens of Transition Town groups that have formed over the last few years throughout the UK and around the world.

The global challenges of climate change and energy shortages are approaching - we feel that we may not be able to do much at a global level, but can do a lot at the level of the local community - and that it is better to plan a local response in advance rather than wait until the problems become a crisis. And we feel that there will be many advantages of a low-carbon lifestyle.

Membership is open to all at no charge.

Read more about Transition Town groups

What are our plans?

People joining the group are welcome to come to working group meetings on how the community should respond in individual areas such as food, transport and home energy.

About half of our membership comes from outside West Kirby, including Hoylake, Heswall, Meols and Wallasey. As the membership enlarges, we expect that separate Transition groups will develop, based in other parts of the Wirral.

Contact us - stay informed

Principal contact:

Let us know if you would like to be added to our email mailing list (we will not to release email addresses to anyone else).

If you have any imaginative ideas of ways to celebrate the town of West Kirby and spread the message or want to help organise future awareness raising/community-building/fun events we would love to hear from you. Likewise if you are able to display posters advertising our events.

West Kirby Farmers' Market

A regular monthly Farmers' Market on the 4th Saturday of every month.
If you are a local producer and would like to apply to sell at the market, application forms are available from the West Kirby Farmers' Market website

TTWK national allotment report

Waiting list figures in England remain high, and councils are doing little to increase provision.
Download the full report or the database of council responses.

Wirral A-Z Recycling Guide

In collaboration with Wirral Environmental Network, we publish a guide to local recycling with regular updates. Visit the recycling page on the WEN website for an online version or to print a copy for handy reference.


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Where to buy local eggs in West Kirby

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