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Events & Activities 2018

Tuesday, 23rd January 2018, 6pm 7:50pm
Mellow Yellow AGM and Homegrown Bananas Open Stage Session
Nine Leaves Café, Albert Road, Hoylake

Join us for the annual gathering of Mellow Yellow as we celebrate what the past year has delivered and what we hope to deliver during 2018.

The AGM will be 6 - 6:30 pm, with the Homegrown Bananas running from 6:30 7:50pm.

Homegrown Bananas is your opportunity to bring along a song, poem or story to share. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Saturday, 27th January, 9am 1pm
West Kirby Farmers' Market
St Andrew's Church Hall, Graham Rd, West Kirby CH48 5DE

On the 4th Saturday of every month - 30+ stalls where you can buy fresh locally produced food direct from the producer.
Just take a look at our page of regular producers

8th and 12th February
Creative Counsel
Making Space, Gilroy Road Shops

Recently a couple of us were talking about creative ideas we weren't getting around to doing anything about. So, we decided to help each other get going, and we've started meeting periodically. If you, too, would like the mutual support with others to help the creative juices flow, you are welcome to join us. It could be sewing, painting, creating a story or song, writing, drawing...We have various materials and ideas, or bring your own.

Thursday, 8th February at 1pm (for those who'd like to share some stillness and lunch to begin with) till 3pm

Monday 12th February at 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Tuesday, 20th February, 10:30am - 3:00pm
Hedgelaying skills share
Grange Community Park, West Kirby, CH48 6EJ

You are invited to join Wirral Countryside Volunteers, members of the Friends of Grange Community Park (FroG) and TTWK to learn hedge laying skills. We meet at the end of the cul-de-Sac of Somerset Rd. CH48 6EJ.

More information: 625 9974.

Saturday 24th February, 11am 2pm
Dare to Repair! Cycles, Socks and Sew-on
Making Space, Gilroy Road Shops

Bring along that old bike for advice and hands on help for maintenance and mending, or anything you've been meaning to restore or re-use.

For professional cycle work (and good Fairtrade coffee) "Coffee Brake" next door to Making Space, will be happy to help at reasonable rates.

Incredible Edible Group

Would you like to help us? If so please ring 07724 175779 or 625 9974

Edible Flowers may be in short supply in February but many vegetables still stand through the winter, useful and ornamental. Leeks and cabbage withstand the frosts and colour is added by scarlet kale, chicory and beetroot.

Our planters
Battered by the cold salt winds of West Kirby, but in the more sheltered setting of Sandlea Park primroses are still blooming, even enhanced by the frost. Hardy peas are showing through, but because of the cold weather they have not grown much so far. The Russian Kale and Rainbow Chard are looking good, and should provide some leaves for harvest in a few weeks' time when it gets warmer. Some onion sets were obtained from the Claire House shop. In the other planters violas are flying the flag until the herbs grow back.

Grange Park Community Orchard- in Grange Park, below the cemetery.
FRoG-Friends of Grange Park- and ourselves look after this collection of fruit trees. Meeting by the scout hut on Lang Lane, join us on -
Thursday 25th January 11 a.m.- 12 noon
Saturday 10th February 3-4 p.m.
Thursday 22nd February 11a.m.-12 noon

Plant of the Month - the Potato. Our Sandlea correspondent writes-

One of the signs, for me, that spring is on the way, is the appearance of seed potatoes in the garden centres. And one of the gardening jobs I enjoy doing in January (because I can do it indoors!) is setting out my seed potatoes in an egg tray, eyes upwards, and putting them in a light, cool spot to begin sprouting, or 'chitting', to use the technical term.

Potatoes have become so much a part of our staple diet that it is hard to imagine a time without them. It was only in the 16th century, however, that they were introduced from South America to Europe, although Andean farmers had been cultivating them for at least 5,000 years before then.

You can grow potatoes even if you don't have a garden, because there are now special containers on the market in which you can cultivate a few tubers in a back yard or even on a balcony. There is nothing quite like the taste of a freshly harvested new potato that you've grown yourself.

Potato plants are themselves quite attractive, especially when they produce their creamy-white flowers, sometimes with a bluish tinge, depending on the variety. These are followed by small green fruits, which look rather like tomatoes, to which the potatoes are closely related. But beware; these are poisonous, as are the stems and shoots and even tubers that have been exposed to the light and become green. Perhaps that should not come as a surprise, as potatoes are also related to our native nightshades!

Litter Picking Group - The High Tidiers

We have been amazed by the way that people have kept turning out to pick litter despite the harsh weather conditions that we have had this winter. It's been brilliant to see that level of commitment to caring for the environment. A massive thank you to everybody who has volunteered and supported the group.
We had an amazing turn out on the beach this morning (Sun 21st Jan). In total 15 people came out in a biting wind to clear up the plastic and litter from the beach with energy and enthusiasm.

A special thank you to Mrs Shannon from Woodchurch Primary for promoting the event as part of Year 5's study of the environment. Also a big thank you to Wirral Council for donating extra kit to the group in addition to our small grant. We can also say that our gloves (donated by FC Hardware) truly stop our hands from completely freezing!.

The next series of litter picks are listed below:

Sunday 11th February 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)

Thursday 22nd February 10.00 am - 12.00pm. Cubbins Green Beach and Wirral Way (Meet at the footpath on the end of Macdona Drive)

Sunday 11th March 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)

Tuesday 20th March 10.00 am - 12.00pm. Gilroy Nature Park (Meet at the footpath off Gilroy Road)

Sunday 25th March 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)

Sunday 8th April 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)

Tuesday 17th April 10.00 am - 12.00pm. Grange Hill Heath (Meet at Grange Cemetery, Lang Lane Entrance)

Sunday 22nd April 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)

Sunday 6th May 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)

Sunday 3rd June 10.00 am - 12.00pm. West Kirby Beach (Meet at Hilbre Tides Notice Board)

Thanks for all your hard work.

To keep up to date with our litter picks, see our Facebook page

West Kirby Drop In Centre

Tuesdays, 10.00am - 1.30pm.

United Reformed Church Hall, Meols Drive, West Kirby.

The Drop In meets every Tuesday morning throughout the year. Its aim is to provide a friendly meeting place where anybody can find a Welcome, a cuppa and a chat. Lunch is provided at 12 midday for anybody who wants it, cost 3. We occasionally arrange days out together to places of interest. Relaxation Massage sessions are available for a reasonable cost.

What people like about the Drop In is finding friendly familiar faces, a chance to socialise and meet people, good food and support if life gets difficult.

Help is needed on some Tuesdays at the West Kirby drop in, from 10.00 onwards. We need help with food preparation and cooking, also with activities in the sessions. Please contact Bridie 0151 625 3975.

West Kirby Messenger

We're just collecting material to go in the spring edition of the West Kirby Messenger. This goes free of charge to 6,500 homes and businesses in West Kirby, Newton and Caldy. If you have events you'd like to share or a business you'd like to advertise, get in touch for more details - -

Pictures from Wirral Earth Fest 10th September 2016
Abyssa drummers
grinding corn
sign and ttwk table

Pictures from Wirral Climate Change Walk 29th November 2015
Climate Change Walk
Climate Change Walk

January 2018 Round Up

Happy New Year!

We are a bit light on activities since the last newsletter, for obvious reasons. We hope you have all had a splendid festive season. The last farmers' market of 2017 on Saturday, 23rd December was a buzz of activity as visitors came to get last minute supplies for Christmas. The atmosphere was warm and inviting and many stall holders sold their produce quickly; with thanks to them for giving up their last minute Christmas shopping time. It was a fantastic start to the Christmas weekend.

Our TTWK rickshaw has only got till the end of this month to have a secure shelter provided by a generous WK resident. If you can help with finding a new custodian for our rickshaw, please phone: 625 9974 or email ( We are also open to offers if you would like to buy it off us! Many thanks.

Two dates for your diaries: On Tuesday, 23rd January is the Mellow Yellow AGM and first Homegrown Bananas of 2018 (details below). On Friday, 16th March is the TTWK Annual General Party (AGM and celebration of all things TTWK). We look forward to seeing you there.
Wider Transition Activities:

Thanks to Nick Drew of Planet Heswall for the following:

"Back in late November, I went to a workshop in Manchester run by George Marshall - who is a bit of a hero of mine. He founded the charity Climate Outreach and his book "Don't Even Think About It - Why Our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change" is highly recommended for anyone interested in why taking action on climate change seems to be such a difficult problem for us to grapple with. It was good to get some further insights from George - I'm hoping to share some of those with folks in West Kirby during 2018. One of George's facts was around how few of us actually have conversations about climate change. I'm making it a New Year's resolution to have more conversations about climate change - maybe others might like to do something similar!"

These items are from the Transition Liverpool Newsletter for January 2018:

An interview with Peter North, one of the founders of Transition Liverpool - Facebook video -

Peter North is a reader in Alternative Economies at the University of Liverpool, UK. His research focuses on: (1) Low carbon transitions at the city and community level, (2) the politics of climate change and ecologically-focused social movements engaged in struggles about the implications of anthropogenic climate change and resource constraints for both humans and the wider ecosystems upon which we depend; and, (3) using micropolitical and 'economic alterity' frameworks, the social and solidarity economies as tools for constructing and rethinking alternative geographies of money, entrepreneurship, and livelihoods.

In this edition of Critical Perspectives, Peter North talks to Anthony Killick about future prospects for low carbon economies and the neoliberalisation of climate change.

Gecko Theatre Company have a Transition Philosophy and have created a new stage show called The Wedding and they are in Liverpool with it at the Everyman / Playhouse on 21st 24th February (

It's about "how we are wedded to the current political and economic system and all the consumerism, social inequality and temptation that goes along with that and challenges us to ask how we can break free from that into a new paradigm. It's an extraordinary show, with passion and urgency in bucket loads the show is performed as if life depended on it."

There is also the opportunity to take part in a 3 hour workshop with the theatre company, hosted in partnership with the Transition Network, on Saturday, 24th February, 1-4pm.

Liverpool Transition Meetups: if you are interested in joining Transition Liverpool for one of their regular meetings, these are the next dates:
Thursday 25th January
Thursday 1st February
Thursday 8th February
All of the meetings begin at 4pm and carry on till 6pm or a bit later, and they are at the Brink, 15-21 Parr Street

Who are we?

...a group of concerned local people working towards a sustainable low-carbon lifestyle, based in West Kirby, Hoylake, and elsewhere on the Wirral.

We are one of dozens of Transition Town groups that have formed over the last few years throughout the UK and around the world.

The global challenges of climate change and energy shortages are approaching - we feel that we may not be able to do much at a global level, but can do a lot at the level of the local community - and that it is better to plan a local response in advance rather than wait until the problems become a crisis. And we feel that there will be many advantages of a low-carbon lifestyle.

Membership is open to all at no charge.

Read more about Transition Town groups

What are our plans?

People joining the group are welcome to come to working group meetings on how the community should respond in individual areas such as food, transport and home energy.

About half of our membership comes from outside West Kirby, including Hoylake, Heswall, Meols and Wallasey. As the membership enlarges, we expect that separate Transition groups will develop, based in other parts of the Wirral.

Contact us - stay informed

Principal contact:

Let us know if you would like to be added to our email mailing list (we will not to release email addresses to anyone else).

If you have any imaginative ideas of ways to celebrate the town of West Kirby and spread the message or want to help organise future awareness raising/community-building/fun events we would love to hear from you. Likewise if you are able to display posters advertising our events.

West Kirby Farmers' Market

A regular monthly Farmers' Market on the 4th Saturday of every month.
If you are a local producer and would like to apply to sell at the market, application forms are available from the West Kirby Farmers' Market website

TTWK national allotment report

Waiting list figures in England remain high, and councils are doing little to increase provision.
Download the full report or the database of council responses.

Wirral A-Z Recycling Guide

In collaboration with Wirral Environmental Network, we publish a guide to local recycling with regular updates. Visit the recycling page on the WEN website for an online version or to print a copy for handy reference.


Why do local shops matter?

Where to buy local eggs in West Kirby

Download leaflet, recipes, fact sheets

Our Constitution

West Kirby What's On
Listing of community events in West Wirral.

To measure your carbon footprint visit our own helpful calculator: